How to Keep Your Baby Safe From Heat Rash

මෙම ළිපිය සිංහලෙන් කියවන්න

When the sun is over the equator and the heat hits tropical countries like Sri Lanka, it’s the little babies who suffer the most. Their soft and sensitive skin with tiny sweat pores is not designed to bear up with the excessive sweat generated by the body to keep cool, and thus the sweat gets trapped under the skin. End result? An uncomfortable baby who is suffering with heat rash!

What does heat rash in babies look like?

If your baby’s skin has a lot of tiny bumps or blisters, which are sometimes red, its most definitely a heat rash. These conditions occur mostly in folds in your baby’s skin such as the neck and where the clothes are close to the skin such as chest and buttocks.

How can I avoid heat rash?

Babies find heat rash to be uncomfortable and annoying as they are mostly itchy and sometimes in rare cases it can also develop in to skin infections. Heat rash is also a sign to say that your baby is overheating – something you should take very seriously as it can lead to heat related complications.

Heat rash is something that naturally disappears when the heat is reduced, but let’s not take even the slightest chance with your baby! Here are 4 easy steps to avoid heat rash!

1. Keep your baby cool!

Your baby needs to stay cool to avoid having a heat rash. Keep your baby in a shady area which is air conditioned or has a fan. If it’s getting too hot, its okay to keep your baby bare bodied.

2. Keep it loose and natural

Natural fibers have the capacity to breathe – which means that these clothes don’t trap heat. Loose fitting clothes with natural fibers are the best for babies – and avoid synthetic fibers at all costs. Another thing to avoid are plastic diapers – switch to cloth diapers at least during the heat season.

3. Hydrate!

Keep your baby hydrated with a lot of water and liquids. Lack of hydration in the body can lead to heat stroke, so its important to make sure that your baby is hydrated enough!

4. Keep the skin folds dry!

Areas with skin folds are most prone to heat rash, such as the neck and the crotch. Always keep these areas clean and dry, and apply prickly heat powder to avoid excess moisture in these regions.

Its always better to avoid heat rash. But, in the case of your baby suffering with heat rash, a Calamine based lotion or powder can help soothe the itching and the blisters. Apply calamine lotion or powder on the affected areas and help your baby cool down by taking off the clothes and keeping the baby in a cool, chilled place. Generally, heat rash disappears after a while. But if the symptoms persist, consult a doctor immediately.


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