5 signs that you have sensitive skin

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Sensitive skin is not something that can be diagnosed easily. It impacts different people, differently. But it is very important to understand your skin type and to make sure that you take good care of your skin. Understanding this will help you make the right decisions when it comes to using skincare products, and managing your diet, and will reduce the risk of unforeseen side effects.

So how can you know if your skin is, indeed sensitive? Here are 5 signs of sensitive skin.

1. Your skin reacts to everything


If you have sensitive skin, the rate of your skin reacting to beauty care products, soaps, fragrances, detergents etc. will be high. This changes from person to person, based on the sensitivity spectrum, but if you constantly see your skin turning red, becoming dry or becoming itchy as a result of various products, then you may have sensitive skin. For some people, the skin even tends to react to the cold, heat or even the wind.

2. Dry skin

Are you constantly battling with dry skin, especially in the AC or when exposed to a fan? Does cold dry weather make your skin paper-like, causing you to break out for your skin to crack? Most of the time, dry skin is a sign of sensitive skin. As dry skin is always prone to infections, be sure to use a mild moisturizer with Calamine and witch hazel that calm soothes and heal your skin.

3. Rashes


People with sensitive skin tend to suffer from frequent rashes – triggered by a number of reasons such as cosmetics, sanitizers etc. These are red, dry or flaky bumps that appear on your skin when exposed to a trigger. Rashes usually disappear when the trigger is washed off – and you can apply a gentle moisturizer with calamine to make sure that there is no lasting damage to your skin from the rash.

However, some people may suffer from allergic reactions which show similar symptoms on your skin with additional symptoms such as nausea, headaches and palpitations, in which case immediately consult your doctor.   

4. Redness


If you experience frequent redness due to heat, or skin irritants, your skin is possibly sensitive. Redness can occur as blushing, or even as red bumps and rashes. Keep an eye out to see how your skin reacts, and try your best to avoid the irritants.

5. Breakouts


People with sensitive skin almost always suffer with constant break outs, and standard acne medication does not seem to work. These look look like red bumps and pustules, and if you suspect you have breakouts caused due to sensitive skin, immediately consult your dermatologist.

Sensitive skin is a very common issue, which many of us suffer from. However, it is a manageable condition. All you need is to keep an eye out on what can cause your skin to irritate, and keep a soothing, mild, moisturizing lotion with calamine, such as Morison Lacto Calamine Lotion, with you at all times so that you can soothe your skin at any time!

Written by Shana


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