Lacto Sun Lotion

100ml | Rs.700

Over 60 years of experience as a trusted skincare brand, Morison Lacto gives you Lacto Sun Lotion to ensure your skin is protected from harmful sunrays. Lacto Sun Lotion has been tested for broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

Why worry when the best product in town is available at your fingertips. Combat the detrimental effects of sunburn by using ‘Lacto Sun Lotion’ with SPF 50!

Lacto Sun Lotion keeps you and your family protected and shielded from the armful UV rays that damages your skin.

Why Choose Lacto Sun Lotion


Tired of using greasy formulas for your skin? Worry no more as Lacto Sun Lotion provides a non-greasy formula for easy application.

Excellent Moisture

Ideal for daily use!  The Lacto Sun Lotion doubles as a moisturiser too. Protect yourself from the sun while getting moisturised.

Water Resistant

A smooth water resistance formula that provides water resistance for a longer lasting application of the lotion.


Avoid the hassle of a visible white tinge with the Lacto Sun Lotion which provides a transparent application with effortless ease.

How to Use

1/4 teaspoon for face
30ml for body

UV rays are strongest from 12PM to 4PM.
Reapply every 2 hours!

When to Use

Shopping Outdoors

Playing Outdoors

Travelling/ Working Outdoors

Swimming Outdoors

Outdoor Adventures

Whenever you spend more than 10 minutes under the sun

Available at leading, pharmacies and fancy shops islandwide!

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